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About the World Trails Conference
The World Trails Conference is a global gathering of trail experts, trail managers and builders, trail destinations, enthusiasts and academics, who meet every two years to share knowledge, network and ensure the benefits trails offer society continue to be sustainable and supported around the world.

The next World Trails Conference will be held in Canada’s capital from September 30 to October 3, 2024.

Join the World Trails Network in Ottawa, Canada!

Hosted by the Trans Canada Trail in partnership with Ottawa Tourism and with support from the Bruce Trail Conservancy, the next World Trails Conference will be one you won’t want to miss.

More details including pricing, accommodations, information about pre-conference excursions and more will be added shortly.

HIking in Ottawa

I have never been to a conference that had so many follow-up collaborations.
This conference is a must for trail professionals and enthusiasts alike.
I established incredibly meaningful connections.

– Rigas Zafeiriou, Attendee at the 7th World Trails Conference,
Santiago de Compostela – 2018

International Speakers from around the world
Share their insights and research, their projects and enthusiasm for trails. 

Learn from trail builders, designers, planners or marketing experts, volunteers, guides or those who lead community trail initiatives in interactive forums where you too can share your knowledge and expertise with others.

Dynamic thought-leaders, experts and equally inspiring enthusiasts with relevant insights and case studies to ignite action and networking across the trail space will gather.

Principles of the conference
How we convene and what we focus on.

Conference Mission
To create a global forum where trails from every region can come together and engage in relevant dialogue, networking and cross-learning for the benefit of trails everywhere.

Globally Relevant and Engaged
Connecting meaningfully with the global community of trails

Interactive and Dynamic
Making space for the trail ideas and expertise of all participants

Collaborative and Focused
Scaling networking and action via clear thematic streams linked to trails

Creative and Generative
Exploring new ideas and innovations for best practice for trails

Inclusive and Cross-reaching
Embracing diversity and equitable solutions across trails


The World Trails Network is a global non-profit association committed to the sustainability and enjoyment of the world’s trails for all people, through a powerfully engaged international network of organizations and individuals.



Expected conference attendees include:

  • Appalachian Trail, USA
  • Camino de Santiago, Spain
  • South West Coast Path, UK
  • Jeju Olle Trail, Korea
  • HikeArmenia, Armenia
  • Sendero Pacifico, Costa Rica
  • Trans Canada Trail, Canada
  • Cultural Routes Turkey, Turkey
  • Westfjord Trails, Iceland
  • Lebanon Mountain Trail, Lebanon
  • Bruce Trail, Canada
  • Trans Carioca, Brazil
  • Bibbulmun Track, Australia

plus many other well-known trails from the Americas, Europe,
Asia, Middle East and Africa.

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