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About the World Trails Conference
The World Trails Conference is a global gathering of trail experts, trail managers and builders, trail destinations, enthusiasts and academics, who meet every two years to share knowledge, network and ensure the benefits trails offer society continue to be sustainable and supported around the world.

Now Seeking: Requests for Proposals for 2024 & 2026 World Trails Conferences.

The World Trails Conference Steering Committee has created a Guide for Applicants (PDF) to outline the application and selection process for hosts for the next two World Trails Conferences. This process is open to all Organizational Members of the World Trails Network and may also be jointly submitted by organizations working in partnership to host the World Trails Conference.

Email conference [at] to request the World Trail Conference Guide for Applicants.

Timeline for Host Selection Process

December 2022: Application Information Available
January 31, 2023: Deadline for Proposals
February 2023: Any further information gathered for decision making
March 2023: Decision made, confirmed with a deposit

I have never been to a conference that had so many follow-up collaborations.
This conference is a must for trail professionals and enthusiasts alike.

I established incredibly meaningful connections.

– Rigas Zafeiriou, Attendee at the 7th World Trails Conference,
Santiago de Compostela – 2018

2022 Conference Schedule
A packed programme of events accessible where you need it. 

Conference Programme 

Final conference programme is now published: 24 September 2022. 

If you have downloaded it before – please download again, as there have been important changes.

Click here or on the image to download the full detailed programme and all session details in a PDF document.

Register for in-person or virtual attendance
Places are limited, secure your attendance today.

Important Dates to Note
Full Schedule of Events 18 Sept – 1 Oct 2022
Trail Journeys, Film Festival, Workshops, etc. 

18 – 25 Sept 2022Pre-Conference Trail Journeys
23 – 25 September 2022Young Trail Ambassadors Gathering
26 – 30 September 20228th World Trails Conference
29 September 2022World Trails Film Festival Premiere
30 September 2022 – World Trails Network General Assembly
30 September 2022 Skiathos Trail Excursions
30 Sept – 1 Oct 2022 – Workshops & Green Flag Trails Training

Included in Conference Fee

  • Coffee & Teas at breaks
  • Various lunches
  • Trail Party
  • Banquet Dinner
  • Closing Dinner
  • Film Festival Premiere
  • Excursions on local trails
  • Networking opportunities

In-Person Attendance

World Trails Network Members

CHF110.00 (Swiss Franc)


CHF140.00 (Swiss Franc)

Virtual Attendance

World Trails Network Members



CHF35.00 (Swiss Franc)

118 International Speakers from 6 Continents
Share their insights and research, their projects and enthusiasm for trails. 

Learn from trail builders, designers, planners or marketing experts, volunteers, guides or those who lead community trail initiatives in interactive forums where you too can share your knowledge and expertise with others.

We have convened dynamic thought-leaders, experts and equally inspiring enthusiasts with relevant insights and case studies to ignite action and networking across the trail space. Read more about our speakers here.

Conference Sponsors
Support those supporting us. 

Conference Hosts
Making it possible. 

The last World Trails Conference in Santiago de Compostela showcased the positive influence trails worldwide exert in achieving a better world by improving the living conditions of local populations, both economically and socially.

– María González, Attendee at the 7th World Trails Conference,
Santiago de Compostela – 2018

Conference highlights
An extensive programme over 4 days with additional events before and after the main conference.

Trail Journeys

Our trail journeys are the perfect way to explore our host destination and build lasting connections with other trail experts. Journeys take place before the conference proceedings. Itineraries and costs to be published by 20 April 2022. Read more. . .

DATES: 18 – 25 September 2022

Trail Ambassadors Summit

We have a dedicated team of World Trails Ambassadors  – Emerging Leaders, who will gather prior to the conference from 23 – 25 September 2022. This is a unique opportunity for young people starting out in trails who wish to support trails in their region.

DATES: 23 – 25 September 2022

Trails Film Festival Premiere

The World Trails Film Festival – Trails Film is the only festival of its kind focused on telling unique trail stories, from history to adventure, from slow travel to inspirational journeys. We focus on cultural diversity. Submit your films for entry here.

DATES: 29 September 2022

Trail Flags – Opening Ceremony

This year every trail organization attending is invited to fly their own custom-designed trail flag at the opening ceremony. Fly your flag at your trail headquarters on return home. Order your flag by 1 July 2022 here.

DATES: 26 September 2022

Islands & Trails – Special Session

We anticipate 25 different island destinations that have trails to join the conference, to learn from each other and share best practices in promoting and marketing trails on islands. Make sure your island is represented.

DATE: 26 September 2022

Trails Poster Exhibition  

Trails are invited to exhibit posters and promotional materials.

For those trails taking part in the virtual programme, video and pre-recorded presentation slots are available. Apply here.

DATES: 26 – 30 September 2022

Conference Source Book

This special publication is an opportunity to share insights or a summary of your presentation with all attendees or to advertise your trail or trail products to a global audience. Apply here to advertise.

DATES: 26 September 2022

Trail Excursions on Skiathos

Various local trails and adventures are offered during the conference.

Choose from a variety of short day trails in the region. Read more about the Skiathos Trails here.

DATES: 29 September 2022

Green Flag Trails Workshop

Learn about the International Green Flag Trails assessment and accreditation system that is being used to enhance the quality of trails in the host destination and other countries. This is a 2-day training workshop. 

DATES: 30 Sept – 1 Oct 2022

Sign-up for an Unforgettable Trail Journey!

Trail Journeys Pre-Conference Trips
There is no better way to learn about trails and engage with trail experts, than on a trail.

These journeys have been designed specifically to unlock deep networking, powerful insights and memorable experiences in small groups.

There are 3 trails to choose from with slightly different themes taking place between 18 – 25 September, in different regions of Greece.

Make the most of your trip to Greece by exploring its beautiful trails. These journeys are lead by members of the World Trails Network Task Teams and each journey will explore specific themes.

#1 – Sifnos Island Trail Journey

#1 – Sifnos Island Trail Journey

18 – 25 September 2022

#2 – Crete Trail Adventure Journey

#2 – Crete Trail Adventure Journey

19 – 25 September 2022

#3 – Paths of Peace Trail Journey

#3 – Paths of Peace Trail Journey

20 – 25 September 2022

#4 – Skiathos Island Trail Journey

#4 – Skiathos Island Trail Journey

20 – 25 September 2022

Principles of the conference
How we convene and what we focus on.

Conference Mission
To create a global forum where trails from every region can come together and engage in relevant dialogue, networking and cross-learning for the benefit of trails everywhere.

Globally Relevant and Engaged
Connecting meaningfully with the global community of trails

Interactive and Dynamic
Making space for the trail ideas and expertise of all participants

Collaborative and Focused
Scaling networking and action via clear thematic streams linked to trails

Creative and Generative
Exploring new ideas and innovations for best practice for trails

Inclusive and Cross-reaching
Embracing diversity and equitable solutions across trails


The World Trails Network is a global non-profit association committed to the sustainability and enjoyment of the world’s trails for all people, through a powerfully engaged international network of organizations and individuals.



Expected conference attendees include:

  • Appalachian Trail, USA
  • Camino de Santiago, Spain
  • South West Coast Path, UK
  • Jeju Olle Trail, Korea
  • HikeArmenia, Armenia
  • Sendero Pacifico, Costa Rica
  • Trans Canada Trail, Canada
  • Cultural Routes Turkey, Turkey
  • Westfjord Trails, Iceland
  • Lebanon Mountain Trail, Lebanon
  • Bruce Trail, Canada
  • Trans Carioca, Brazil
  • Bibbulmun Track, Australia

plus many other well-known trails from the Americas, Europe,
Asia, Middle East and Africa.

The hospitality of the Skiathos Municipality and our sponsors in Greece and beyond, make this conference possible.

We believe the impact of the 8th World Trails Conference will be felt globally and on the ground for trails, through in-depth knowledge sharing, creative collaboration and international networking.

– Galeo Saintz, International Chair
World Trails Network

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