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Speakers & Presenters
Attending the 8th World Trails Conference

Jeju Jooyoun – ‘Design Division/ Director

Jeju Olle Trail’s designer is passionate about environment and sustainability by considering basic design that doesn’t impair the scenery, colours that convey amazing information in nature, and materials that last even in strong sea winds.


 Adrian Benedetti – ‘Coordinator 100km of Trails Project 

Did you know that Adrian is coordinating the “1000 km of Trails” project for Panama’s Tourism rebilitating 1000 km of national trails?

Adrian has an MS in Human Dimensions of Natural Resource Management from Colorado State University. He’s pursuing a PhD in Recreation Park and Tourism Management at Penn State, focusing on environmental justice, protected area management, and tourism/outdoor recreation.


Ali Pretty‘Artistic Director’ 

Did you know Ali completed Beach of Dreams leading a 500-mile walk in 2021 involving 500 participants and 500 silk flags? 

Ali directs large-scale events worldwide. directs transformational walking arts initiatives in Wiltshire, Isle of Wight, Lincolnshire, and Thurrock, where she created T100. Ethiopia, Chile, and India have replicated this concept. 


 Alia Fares ‘Heritage Advisor’

Did you know that Alia has been working as a heritage consultant in Middle East for 2 decades and as a nationally certified tour guide?

She’s pursuing her PhD in Roman Architecture in Germany. Her passion is Lebanon’s Roman temples. Her desire to safeguard legacy and rural environment led her to join the Lebanon Mountain Trail Association in 2014, where she promotes the trail’s archaeological and cultural assets. 


Andras J. Molnar – ‘Co-chair’

Trail enthusiast, hiking & pilgrimage guide, trail development & signage specialist. Viator Association of Hiking & Culture founder (Hungary). Planned and developed the international Mary Way route network and revised Hungary’s trail network and signage. Trail network analysis and visitor tracking are his recent academic projects.


Andrey Suknev‘President’ 

Did you know that he is the founder of the Great Baikal Trail?

Since 1990, he’s developed ecotourism in Russia and Lake Baikal. 


Aracelli Gonzalez – ‘Volunteer Coordinator’ 

Environmental interpreter and educator. She contributed to the technological and creative innovation of trails by developing the first audio guides in Paraguay.She proposed the Dzinitun Mangroves Interpretive Design (Mexico). She is currently the OPADES’ volunteer coordinator.


Ardag Kosian –  ‘Executive Director’

Did you know he left this career six years ago to become a trail building apprentice?

Oversees HIKEArmenia, a brand-new company whose goal is to develop anything, and anything related to hiking. 


Ashot Davtyan – ‘Program Manager – Trail Development’ 

Volunteered/managed camps/projects for the Transcaucasian Trail Managing TFC NGO programmes and local youth trail education initiatives. His love and passion for passion started when he explored Armenia’s ancient and historic trails.


Aysar Al Batayneh – ‘Chairman of Jordan Trail Association’

Did you know that Aysar is the GM of the Landmark Hotel which is the only 5-star hotel that is locally owned and operated? His association was formed to oversee the development of a 675-kilometre national trail, in addition to providing support to the 75 villages the trail passes through. 


Blake Dyason – ‘Founder for Love Our Trails’ 

Did you know that he is a qualified Mountain Guide, Qualified Green Flag Trail Auditor, Entrepreneur and Conservationist?

Love our trails was formed in 2015 to encourage people to spend time outdoors and appreciate the environment. He believes that experiences are the best approach to protect wild environments. Blake has worked with national parks, private landowners, and athletic events to care for paths. 


Bryan Fennell – ‘Rural Recreation Officer’

Did you know that Bryan works as a rural recreation development officer, working with stake agencies and volunteers to development recreational infrastructure in Northwest Ireland?


Caroline Akoth Kambona‘Behavioural Scientist’ 

Caroline has been trained in and practicing behavioral science for over 20 years with a focus on gender issues. Within the last five years, she has developed interest in trail use, management, and gender dimensions in rural areas. 


Aspiazu da Silva‘Executive Director’ 

Cesar Aspiazu founded and directs the “Red Boliviana de Senderos” and volunteers for the “Rede Brasileira de Trilhas” He’s a PhD student in sustainable development at the University of Brasilia, researching Governance, Conservation, and Connectivity of Protected Areas.


Chris Rose – ‘Consultant at the TRC Tourism Ptl LTD’

Chris has been working in Australia’s great trails for three decades. He now works for TRC Tourism in Asia Pacific to create and grow trails. Chris holds a Forest Science degree and is a fellow of the Williamson Community Leadership Program.


Chun-Chen Tao‘Taiwan Thousand Miles Trails Association’ 

Chun-Chen never imagined working for a trail group 5 years ago. He studied in literature and had no interest in any outdoors activity, but now he is a TMI Trail crew member after attending a series of lectures in 2019.


Conchita Maria Espino – ‘Executive Director – Association Mar a Mar: Costa Rica’

Did you know she has been working for 20 years at the World Bank Group leading strategy and change? CEO of Mar a Mar; Conchita has taught consulting and leadership in the US and Europe. 


Delia Clark ‘Place-based Learning Facilitator’

Delia Clark facilitates place-based learning, strategic planning, and community engagement for organizations Her trails experience includes Board member for Appalachian Mountain Club, Stewardship Council member for Appalachian Trail Conservancy. She is the  co-chair of the WTN Trails & Knowledge Task Team, and trainer for Appalachian Trail to Every Classroom and Iditarod.


Dimitris Michealogiannis – ‘Special Advisor for Development of the Region of Crete’ 

Did you know Dimitris is the cocreator of the biggest rail project currently in Crete? He studied environmental Law in Paris. Since 2011, focused on Crete’s regional policymaking. Have promoted regional sustainable development by enhancing cultural and natural heritage assets. 


Dr Pranil Upadhayaya – ‘Trail Adviser/ Auditor

Did you know that Dr Upadhayaya is the Great Himalaya Trails certified trail auditor in Nepal? He’s a tourism researcher in Nepal. He received Nepal Trekking Trail Standards Implementation and Trail Grading System Development Training from Green Flag Trails and World Trails Network and worked on Nepal’s ‘Trail Standards Guidelines 2017.


Dr. Niranjan Das – ‘Tourism Researcher – Tezpur University

Senior Fellow and Master of Tourism and Travel Management Guest Faculty. As a senior scholar at ICSSR,  researching the socio-economic impact of Muga Silk (Antheraea Assamensis) production on Upper Brahmaputra Valley livelihoods.


Dr. Oscar Kambona Ouma– ‘Senior Lecturer at Maseno University’

Dr. Ouma attended trail conferences in Spain, Taiwan, and Greece and is a certified green flag trail auditor and WCPA – IUCN member.


Duncan Gawthorpe – ‘Trails and Digital Support Executive Officer at Sports Ireland’

Manages Ireland’s Trail Inspection System, which monitors and maintains standards. After coaching and teaching, Duncan earned degrees in Sports Science and Geographic Science increasing his understanding of physical activity with love of the outdoors.


Eleanor McMahon – ‘President & CEO of Trans Canada Trail’

Eleanor has had 30 years of private, public, and non-profit experience. She began her career as Jean Chrétien’s press secretary. Eleanor launched the Share the Road Cycling Coalition in 2008 where she announced a $100 million investment in Ontario bicycle infrastructure.


Elizabeth Yancey‘Educator’

Did you know she is originally from the U.S and has lived in Taiwan since 2019? As a geography, history, and education teacher, she likes educating others in and out of the classroom. When she is not teaching she can be found jogging Taipei’s mountain trails, camping on the beach, or scuba diving on one of Taiwan’s outer islands.


Ernesto Viveriros-de-Castro – ‘National Park Manager- PhD candidate’ 

Manager of two of Brazil’s most visited national parks and national ecotourism coordinator with 20 years of experience. Ernesto has proposed the build of Brazil’s 4,000-km Atlantic Forest Trail. Since 2019, he has researched long-distance trails’ contribution to wildlife conservation at the University of Florida.


Etienne Basson – ‘Founder & Chairman of Idas Valley Community Trails’

Etienne Basson is Idas Valley Community Trails and Envirolove founder. Her company has won WEF Uplink BiodiverCities Challenge 2022 Top Innovator. Co-author of World Policy Forum, Top 50 Young Global Changers 2022.


Fernando Pinto – ‘CEO of Floema’ 

Fernando Pinto’s passion for nature activities prompted him to start GoOutdoor. The brand developed activity plans, training, and consulting in Portugal’s environmental field to bring people closer to nature. After identifying a void in the administration of hiking, mountain bike, and trail running routes, he founded Floema, which offers sustainable signage and equipment made from recycled plastic.


Fivos Tsaravopoulos – ‘Manager for Paths of Greece’

Fivos is the founder and manager of Paths of Greece, which develops hiking paths in Greece and the islands. He is interested in World Trails Network because he believes in supporting international cooperation and knowledge exchange that benefits everyone.


Florence De Cock– ‘PDG student in Belgium’

Did you know Florence won the Belgian marathon championship multiple times and intend to compete in the Olympic Games in Paris?  He holds a master’s degree in Physical Education and is an assistant at University of Liège. He hopes to meet trail professionals at the 2022 conference to share his path knowledge and passion, acquire new thoughts and ideas, and network internationally.


Frankie Goldspink – ‘Creative producer at the Creative Ways Outdoors’

Frankie worked as Arts Officers in local government before starting an outdoor arts firm (New Carnival) in 2012. The company design outdoor projects and events that bring people together to share, enjoy, learn about, and benefit from creative expression and immersion in the great outdoors.


Gabriel Chernacov – ‘Director of the Camino de Costa Rica’

Gabriel is the Co-Founder of Camino de Costa Rica, WTN Board Member. Mentor, Coach, and investor in exponential entrepreneurial ventures. He is a passionate hiker, and Olympic Skier. 


George Dimitropoulos – ‘Founder of IOS Adventure Non-Profit Organisation’ 

Did you know that he is a former Special Force Officer? He also wrote the “Discovering IOS islands Footpaths”. Trails matter to him trails give a visceral way to interact with environment through sight, touch, and immersion.


Giannoula Gianni ‘Fire Officer’

Giannoula is a fire officer with 23 years of professional experience. Additionally, holds degrees in economics and crisis management.


Greg Mazu – ‘Founder/Chief Brand Ambassador of Singletrack Trails’ 

Greg’s entry into the outdoor recreation business was Singletrack Trails. Greg has influenced six ventures since 2004.He concentrated on developing Singletrack Trails’ revenue, and producing a quality product.


Hartmut Wimmer –  ‘CEO and Founder of Outdooractive AG’

Hartmut Wimmer, founder and CEO of Outdooractive, has more than two decades of commercial expertise. Hartmut, an outdoor enthusiast, created a virtual home for nature lovers to share their experiences. As an engineer and pioneer, he’s developing a digital environment where outdoor tourists can locate travel deals.


Huseyin Eryurt‘Project Coordinator at Culture Routes Society’

Hüseyin manages national/international cultural route/hiking trail projects. He’s in touch with locals along the trails and members of Turkey’s Culture Routes Society, including guides, botanists, tour operators, trail service providers, academics, etc. He co-teaches a course on cultural routes at Bilim University’s Tourism School in Antalya.


Ian Roberts –  ‘Adventure specialist at Warrior Events LLC’

Snowdonia, Wales, provided a mountainous upbringing. Ian developed Nepal’s first commercial mountaineering clinic and has guided on numerous mountain ranges. He lives in Saudi Arabia and develops mountain biking trails near AlUla.


In-Ho Kim – ‘President at the Korean Walking& Trails Association’

Emritus Professor Division of Tourism in Sangji University, Wonju, Seoul Korea, The Dean Of Business Administration College Of Sangi University and The Chief of Sangji University Library.


Iranse Oliveria Silva– ‘Goias Turismo- Brazil

Iransé Oliveira-Silva is a Ph.D. in Human Movement and a cyclist and pilgrim. He works for the Goiás Tourism Agency and is responsible for long-distance routes, including the Caminho dos Goyazes.During the 2022 Brazilian Trail Congress. He led the “Caminho dos Goyazes” table.


Jackie Randle – ‘Director of Organizational Resources at the Bruce Trail Conservancy’

– to be confirmed 


Jane Murphy- McCulloch – ‘Community Consultant at the Trails Research Hub’

Jane McCulloch is a recognised figure in Canadian trail culture and Terminus Consulting’s principal consultant since 2017. She specialises in community/stakeholder involvement and product development.


Janet Mackay – ‘Director of TRC Tourism and TRC Trails’

TRC Tourism, established in Australia and NZ, specialises in trail planning. It plans destinations and individual trails, cooperating with indigenous populations and plan tourism destinations. Their focus is on sustainable pathways and hiring local indigenous people.


Jay Simpson – ‘Trails Film’

Did you know that Jay oversees the digital and social media for World Trails?

A National Geographic Explorer and anthropology-trained multimedia documentary producer works with practitioners, specialists, and NGOs to use multimedia storytelling as an intervention tool to promote behaviour change. Also co-author (with Henry Fletcher) of Walking & Wayfinding in the Westfjords of Iceland


Jeffrey Marion– ‘Recreation Ecologist for the U.S. Geological Survey/Virginia Tech’

Did you know that Jay Marion wrote “Leave No Trace in the Outdoor,” which has a 4.6 rating on Amazon and is a must-read for outdoor enthusiasts?

A Research Biologist with the U.S. Geological Survey and Adjunct Professor at Virginia Tech University. He studies the environmental implications of visitor use in protected natural places, especially national parks. His research focuses on visitor impacts to formal and informal paths, campgrounds, and cliffs.


João Perre Viana– ‘Founder of Walking Mentorship’

Did you know João considers himself the citizen of the world as he has lived/worked in over 7 different countries.

Born in Portugal, he completed high school in the U.S. and his MBA in Belgium. He worked in Central Asia, Eastern Europe, and Africa. Founder and Pioneer of Walking Mentorship, a self-development philosophy that combines walking and nature. He teaches at EADA, Lviv Business School, and Católica Porto Business School.


José Pedro Calheiros– ‘General Manager at the SAL Walking Tours Portugal’

Did you know that José is the founder is the first company with a regular hiking schedule since 1996.

Consultant with responsibilities for the study, structuring, signage, design, communication, training and brand activation of the Walking Trails for several municipalities and for the Regional Tourism Entity of Alentejo, in the south of Portugal.


Julia Nagy– ‘Managing director, tourism expert at the Innotime Hungary Ltd’

Did you know that Julia has spent nearly 20 years establishing tourism networks, destination management, and digital platforms for tourist management.

Managing director of Innotime Hungary Ltd and helping the work of the Novohrad-Nógrád Geopark for 5 years. Previously was the head of the ecotourism department of the Bükk National Park Directorate, head of Miskolc tourism board and the tourism manager of Tokaj Wine Region.


Julian Gray– ‘Director of the South West Coast Path Association’

Did you know Julian has over 30 years of experience in sustainability, access, conservation and protected landscapes.

Julian has a degree in Environmental Science and a Masters in International Communication. Director of the South West Coast Path Association, Chair of the WTN Governance Committee, active member of the WTN Trails and Sustainability Task Team,Chair of National Trails UK charity and Vice-chair of the world Trails Network.


Julie Judkins– ‘Director at Just-Trails’

Julie Judkins creates programmes to organise communities and youth. She’s worked with the Appalachian Trail Conservancy, the Peace Corps, and Outward BJulie Judkins has a BA in Communications from North Carolina State University and a Masters of Environmental Management through Duke’s Environmental Leadership program. She is co-chair of the Trails and Knowledge Task Team, and leads the World Trails Ambassadors programme for the World Trails Network. 


Kara Wooldrik– ‘Executive Director for Portland Trails’

Kara Wooldrik has led Portland Trails since 2012, a non-profit urban land trust that cares for a 70-mile trail network for active transportation, conservation, recreation, and placemaking. Her profession focuses on engaging children and adults in activities that develop truly sustainable and regenerative healthy human and ecological communities. Kara sees trails as tools for achieving a connected, equitable, just, and healthy community. 


Kate Harbour– ‘Eastern Oregon Visitors Association’

The goal of Kate Harbour and Kara Woodlrik is to use trails to the advantage of all types of cities. As executive director of Portland Trails, Kara works with numerous partners to improve the city’s accessibility and livability for residents of all ages. Kate is the Eastern Oregon Visitors Association’s temporary deputy director, and she focuses on using trails to boost rural economies.


Katie Allen– ‘Director of Landscape Conservation at Appalachian Trail Conservancy’

Katie Allen is Appalachian Trail Conservancy’s Landscape Conservation Director. She supports the Appalachian Trail Landscape Partnership, a group of over 100 partners aiming to connect the Appalachian Trail and its surroundings. Her skills in rural economic development, strategic conservation planning, and market-based conservation finance help integrate communities, recreation, and conservation.


Kerstin Stender– ‘Coordinator Recreation and Trails at Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions’

Did you know that he has been supervising trails since 2008, including the Bibbulmun and Cape to Cape.

He has a master’s in tourism development focused on trial governance approaches. He is a long time WTN International Board member.


Laura Belleville– ‘VP, Conservation and Policy at Appalachian Trail Conservancy’

Did you know that Laura works with conservation planners, scientists, and federal policy advocates to safeguard mountain views and climate-resilient lands?

She is currently the Vice President of Conservation and Policy. In addition to having a Master’s degree in Biology, Laura is an original member of the board of the World Trail Network. Laura first fell in love with trails as a kid venturing out to the woods with her friends.


Laural Bradley– ‘Independent Researcher’

Did you know Laurel Bradley and her husband co-wrote Hut to Hut USA.

She retired as a professor and museum professional after decades as an NYU art history Ph.D. They visited 16 hut systems and walked and skied 1000 kilometres in 2 1/2 years. Bradley is a dedicated backcountry cook and Sierra Club service trip leader.


Maayan Ziv– ‘Founder CEO of AccessNow’

Did you know Maayan’s leadership has been acknowledged with Canada’s Top 40 under 40, the Governor General’s Innovation Award, and WXN’s Top 100 Most Powerful Women in Canada. 

Maayan Ziv is the founder and CEO of AccessNow, a social organisation that shares accessibility information. She has altered how people think about accessibility in technology, infrastructure, the outdoors, public policy, journalism, and more.


Marco Santos– ‘Independent’

Did you know he presented on “The Trails of Trancoso” at the 7th World Trails Conference in 2018.

He is an “Education Sciences,” graduate. He went to school in France, Brazil, and Portugal. He is passionate about Lusophone and Francophone cultures. His interests include travel literature, linguistic and cultural diversity, and Comparative Education.


Marta Cabral– ‘CEO of Rota Vicentina Association’

Did you know in 2008, Marta Cabral developed and coordinated the Rota Vicentina initiative. 

Marta Cabral graduated from ISCTE Lisbon in Business Administration & Marketing and worked in FIEMG, Brazil and Parque Expo, Lisbon. She managed Casas Brancas, a local networking group located on the Algarve and Alentejo coasts, from 2003 until 2015. She has been the CEO of the RV Association since 2013. Marta is involved in tourism, municipal development, and environmental policies in Alentejo and Algarve.


Martyn Howe

Did you know Martyn Howe has cycled 10,000 miles of coastal routes.

A long-distance walker at heart, he has walked 19 iconic trails in England, Scotland, and Wales in 2016. His website details his walks, bike trips, and campervan tours. Tales from the Big Trails is his first book.


Mathieu Roy– ‘Vice President, Chief Trail Experience Officer at the Trans Canada Trail’

Did you know he helped build a $30 million financing agreement with Parks Canada in 2018 and recently a $55 million funding renewal, bringing the organisation past its first 25 years and into the next chapter of the Trail in Canada. 

As part of Senior Management, he developed two strategy plans: 2018-2022 and 2022-2024.  Trans Canada Trail’s specialist in trail operation, development, management, committees, government consultations, and partners.


Maya Karkour– ‘Environmental/Circular Economy Specialist and Member of the WTN Sustainability Task Team’

Did you know Maya completed the 30-day LMT Thru-Hike in 2014.

Maya serves on WTN’s board. She was president of the Lebanon Mountain Trail Association for three years and led the LMTA Education Committee from 2015 to 2017. Maya is a sustainability and circular economy specialist with EcoConsulting, which she co-founded in 2003 in the UK & Lebanon. Maya has an MSc in Environment from LSE and is an Aspen Global Leadership Network fellow.


Meagan Neal– ‘Co-Executive Director at the Transcaucasian Trail Association’

She attended Middlebury College to study Russian and economics. Meagan is co-executive director of the Transcaucasian Trail Association, which develops the TCT across Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia. She’s a former trail crew leader and passionate about sustainable tourist development. She was a research fellow in Tbilisi before joining the TCT. 


Ming-Chien– ‘Associate CEO of Taiwan Thousand Miles Trail Association’

Did you know Ming-Chien Hsu won Dream Building Project sponsor from government Hakka Affairs Council to study eco-craft trails system of Appalachian Trail.  

She teaches at 2 national universities and specialises in Taiwan-China relations and marine policy. Promotes “Trail Angels” in Taiwan. Promotes constructive social movements and government-personal partnership decision-making. 


Morgan Sommerville– ‘ATC Director, Visitor Use Management at Appalachian Trail Conservancy’

Did you know Morgan first fell in love with trails as she went hiking with her father and believed that trails allow you to view, feel, and become part of the landscape.  

39 years as ATC Regional Director for GA, NC & TN, helping develop, create, protect, and manage the A.T. alongside A.T. volunteers and Federal agency partners. Board member and committee chair for the US Partnership for the National Trails System. 


Nat Scrimshaw– ‘Chair at WTN Americas’

Did you know Nat Scrimshaw has been an active trail steward for over 40 years in both New England and Central America.

Nat is the chair of WTN Americas and the Trails & Sustainability International Task Team. Nat mixes his work in Costa Rica with efforts in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, including adopting the Franconia Ridge Trail, part of the 3,500 km Appalachian Trail.


Nikolaos Giannakopoulos– ‘Head of Tourism Department at Municipality of Kalamata’

Graduate of the School of Architecture of Aristotle University and holder of a Master’s degree in Environmental Design of Cities and Buildings.


Omar Sakr– ‘President of Lebanon Mountain Trail Association’

Did you know Omar is a true scout at heart working as a CSR, HR and rural tourism development practitioner.

Omar presently serves as the president of the Lebanon Mountain Trail Association (LMTA) and has been a board member since 2017.He has started and managed a number of CSR initiatives as well as implemented the ISO 26000 standard for corporate social responsibility in various East African and Lebanese businesses.


Panos Soukaras – ‘President of Sentieri Mediterranei’

Panos holds a degree in translation and English language instruction. Project leader for Sentieri Mediterranei. He was the 2016–2018 tourism sector coordinator for the Greek EcoGreen Party.


Paul Stephens– ‘Co-Director of Transcaucasian Trail Association’

Did you know Paul was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Georgia from 2005-2007?

Paul graduated from Columbia Journalism School. He co-founded the Transcaucasian Trail Association in 2016 to help make the vision of a cross-border trail in the Caucasus a reality. He has written significantly on foreign affairs and global development. 


Paula Rascão– ‘Founder and CEO of eTrilhas’

Did you know Paula took part in the Business Mission promoted by Sebrae-RJ to Silicon Valley and also presented the Transmedia Map of Carioca Trails at TechCrunch Disrupt.

Paula has a post-graduate degree in tourism and culture. She has combined her expertise from working in several facets of the travel business with her love of the outdoors and the natural world to suggest creative projects that would advance ecotourism in Brazil. She took part in the Japan-based Next Generation Trails Visionaires Expedition.


Pedro Cunha e Menezes– ‘Director of the Brazilian Trails Network and Counselor of the Transcarioca Trail’

Did you know Pedro is the representative of the United Nations World Program for the Environment and Brazil’s official negotiator in the UN Conventions.

Executive Director of Tijuca National Park, General Coordinator of Public Use and Business, and National Director of Creation and Management of Conservation Units at ICMBio. Chairman of the IUCN Expert Group for Long Distance Trails and Director of the World Trails Network.He’s written 10 books and 150 articles about trails and CUs.


Rafael Olmedo– ‘CEO of Geko Navsat’

Did you know Rafael has won 15 international awards on technological and social innovation and has 20 years’ experience in space, remote sensing, navigation.

Technological adventurer who loves the outdoors, innovation, and satellite navigation. CEO and founder of GEKO NAVSAT, credited for developing Blind Explorer, a 3D-sound mobility solution for the visually impaired. Author of several patents and scientific articles. Rafeal believes that trails don’t just connect places. They assist you find beautiful sceneries, they  help you discover your good and negative sides and connect you to creation.


Rigas Zafeiriou– ‘Programmes’ Director of Kytherian Foundation for Culture & Development’

Did you know Rigas served as an UNESCO consultant on climate change impacts.

Rigas is a consultant at MedINA and programme director at Kytherian Foundation for Culture & Development. In recent years, his work has focused on sustainable development programmes on Kythera Island, Greece. He’s developed trails on several Greek islands with Paths of Greece.


Riza Annisa Anggreani– ‘ASEAN Young Climate Leader at the ASEAN Foundation’

Did you know that Riza was awarded as “The Winner of Outstanding SDGs Concepts” inaugurated by UN-Habitat official partner.

Riza holds a Master of International Relations. Riza was a Youth Delegate who went to Malaysia to promote Sustainable Development on the global stage. She joined UNEP Youth Environmental Assembly in 2019.This year, she became one of the ASEAN Young Climate Leaders.


Roffi Petrossian– ‘Community Manager at the AR Trails LLC’

Did you know Roffi is popular from his reality television series ‘Road’ which documented his 4-month hike across the country.

American-Armenian explorer Roffi Petrossian manages AR Trails in Yerevan, Armenia. As a hiker, mountaineer, and curious traveller, he enjoys Armenia’s countryside and evaluates hiking trails.


Sam Demas– ‘Researcher/editor for hut2hut’

Did you know Sam and his partner wrote the first-ever book about hut-to-hut hiking biking and skiing in the USA.

Sam Demas is a hut nut who travels the world understanding how different countries shelter human-powered visitors. His website includes information about huts and other trail-based overnight lodgings. Sam, a retired academic librarian, enjoys researching, but not as much as walking, skiing, and learning from hut and trail operators.


Sarah Lamond– ‘Facilitator and Coach at SIGNAL’

Did you know that Sarah at 13 went to Ghana with her father where we she cycled 1000kms around the country

A certified Enneagram facilitator and coach via the International Coaching Federation. Born in South Africa’s Cape Town, Sarah experienced many exciting adventures as a young girl. She regards pilgrimages as a means of awakening to one’s environment and oneself as a whole.


Shay Rabineau– ‘Associate Professor at the Binghamton University’

Did you know Shay is the author of the forthcoming book Walking the Land: A History of Israeli Hiking Trails, and is beginning a book project on the Dead Sea environmental crisis

Shay Rabineau is a Binghamton University Israel Studies professor and World Trails Network co-chair. He writes on walking, the environment, and Middle East politics. At Binghamton, he teaches hiking, religious pilgrimage, Middle East history, and Israel/Palestine environmental history.


Sonja Krueger– ‘Ecologist for Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife’

Sonja Krüger is an Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife ecologist. Sonja Krüger’s main function is to provide ecological advice for the Maloti-Drakensberg World Heritage Site. Sonja Krüger has developed a trail monitoring system and coordinated trail research and administration.


Stephen Couchman– ‘Program Director for Trans Bhutan Trail’

Did you know Stephen Couchman and his wife have been working with the Bhutan Canada Foundation to restore the Trans Bhutan Trail for the past three years.

He has an MA in Environmental Studies and a BA in International Comparative Development. For the most of his career, Stephen has held executive positions in private and public philanthropy. He formerly worked for Outward Bound Canada as a programme director. Stephen participates in the WTN Sustainability Task Group and serves as Co-Chair of the Advisory Council.


Steve Myers– ‘Founder/Director of Great Plains Trail Alliance’

Did you know his company was featured in the Backpacker Magazine and National Geographic online magazine for “The Best Way to See the Beauty of America’s Great Plains? On Foot.”

Founder of the Great Plains Trail Alliance. Their goal is to build a long-distance trail through the North American grasslands known as the Great Plains. It is the quintessential example of the American West and is rich in natural beauty and historical significance.


Suet Yi Cheung– ‘PhD Student at the North Carolina State University

Suets research focuses on protecting and managing trails. Her research examined trail conditions before and after a Hong Kong trail running event using an integrated trail evaluation. Her current study focuses on citizen science and remote sensing as trail monitoring approaches.’


Tony Boone– ‘Principal of Tony Bonne Trails’

Did you know that Tony has taught 3000+ students worldwide about sustainable paths.

Pioneer in sustainable, natural surface trail master planning, design, construction, maintenance & education. 400+ successful projects in 15 states and 9 countries for all ages, all abilities & all modes. Currently Principal of Tony Boone Trails, COO of Timberline Trail craft, Board Member of Professional Trail builders Association, Chair of Higher Education Committee, Member World Trails Sustainability Task Force Member. Recently Keynote speaker at Texas Trails & Active Transportation Conference.


Trygve Sunde Kolderup– ‘Head of Sustainability at The Norwegian Trekking Association’

Trygve Sunde Kolderup is the Norwegian Trekking Association’s Sustainability Director. Former outdoor magazine editor, he’s written about Norwegian outdoor adventures and the world’s best trekking. He was co-founder and former Head of Development at a Norwegian hiking tour company, and he started Norwegian Scenic Hikes, an ongoing trail project, in 2016. Trygve is a member of Visit Norway’s Advisory Board.


Wafaa El-Osta– ‘Manager of Local2Global Solutions’

Did you know Wafaa has 25 years of experience in the not-for-profit sector in Lebanon, Middle East and North and Latin America.

He is an expert in Sustainable Tourism Local and International Development. Acts as the Volunteer Coordinator in Toronto. Member of the Impact Travel Alliance and founding member of the Canadian Friends of the Lebanon Mountain Trail.


Zeinab Jeambey– ‘Director PwC’

Zeinab has delivered adventure tourism, food heritage promotion, trail construction, and community involvement programmes in the Middle East. She’s a member of the Lebanon Mountain Trail Association (LMTA), where she established the traditional gastronomic offer in LMT guesthouses. She’s a director at PWC Middle East, where she’s worked on AlUla tourism.


Eoin Hamilton– ‘Chief Marketing Officer at HiiKER’

Eoin Hamilton is passionate about sustainability and the outdoors. His experience in community involvement led HiiKER to work with Trail organisations to build relationships, support their work, and connect them to trail users.


Anthea Swift– ‘Workshop Facilitator and Designer/Coach/Organisational Development Facilitator at HumanWorks’

Did you know Anthea Swift is a mental health occupational therapist where she facilitates therapeutic peer-pressure group.

Anthea Swift have worked in organisations for 25 years with leadership teams and individuals, using the Enneagram as a tool for self-development. Over the past few years, she has undergone a great deal of personal growth and has discovered the therapeutic value of nature and group trail walks.


Dennis Markatos-Soriano– ‘Executive Director at the East Coast Greenway Alliance’

Did you know Dennis is the 2008 Science, Technology, and Environmental Policy Prize winner at Princeton University’s School and received a Public Service Award winner.

The non-profit East Coast Greenway Alliance has expanded significantly during Dennis’ 13-year leadership, and more than $2 billion in public funds have been invested in the construction of the 1,050 miles of greenway for public use. Along the Atlantic Coast of the United States, he is commonly seen hiking, biking, and playing basketball, soccer, and chess.


Jongnam Choi– ‘Chairperson at Korean Trails Association’

The way how to legal conserve the trail and efficient trail maintenance.


Andreas Aschaber– ‘Secretary General at European Mountaineering Associations’

Master’s degree in International Business Studies and Environmental Management & Technology and PhD. Economic and Social Science. Nature representative of the OeAV; Hiking, Nature, Forest- Guide; Mountain Rescue team; Environmental trainer, Nature advisory board Tirol, Waste & sustainability advisor. 


Miles Holmes– ‘Director of The Connective’

Did you know that Miles has over 15 years of experience as a social anthropologist working with Aboriginal people.

Miles has a PhD in Anthropology from Central Australia’s Warlpiri. Miles has been a facilitator, anthropologist, and mentor for 25 years. Miles has learned how humans might better interact with nature for wellbeing and environmental stewardship through his work and study.


Sotirios Lambros– ‘Executive Director for MTB Pro Bosque’

Sotirios is a sustainable urban planning architect that builds trails in La Primavera, a woodland near Guadalajara, Mexico. His works includes collaborating with the government, landowners, and community to alleviate difficulties and connect Guadalajara visitors and residents to La Primavera forest.


Lisa Patroni– ‘Executive Director, Visitor Experience at Parks Victoria’

Did you know Lisa has over 30 years of experience in the broader hospitality and tourism industries.

Lisa is Parks Victoria’s Executive Director of Visitor Experience. She wants to get people “Into nature to create a better Victoria. “Parks Victoria manages national parks, urban parks, waterways, and beaches that draw over 120 million visitors annually. Lisa is passionate about environment-based tourism and helping more people experience nature sustainably.


Mike Riediger– ‘CEO of Canadian Adapted Mountain Bike Association’

Mike’s career has been in tourism marketing, research, and development. Mike’s adaptability led him to become CEO of Kootenay Adaptive. Mike has developed accessible outdoor recreation programmes, accessible tourism efforts, and adapted mountain biking internationally. With a background in tourism and marketing, he serves on BC’s Minister’s Tourism Engagement Council.

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