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Skiathos, Greece (July 25, 2022) –  Twelve World Trails Ambassadors were selected to support a global trails movement and be community agents from their countries. The awards were given through a competitive selection process by the World Trails Network, a global non-profit association committed to the sustainability and enjoyment of the world’s trails for all people, through a network of organizations and individuals. 

Ambassadors will gather at the upcoming World Trails Conference in Skiathos, Greece this September 24-October 2. The emerging leaders, ages 20-35, represent communities across the world, including Ghana, Jordan, Paraguay, the Philippines, Nepal, South Africa, Indonesia, Canada, and the USA. Read more about Ambassadors here worldtrailsnetwork/ambassadors

“The World Trails Network recognizes that trails are corridors of opportunity, and are significant contributors to individual and community health. Ambassadors strengthen relationships with those supporting trails and are building, developing, and honoring them as important community assets,” states Julie Judkins, co-chair of the World Trails Network Knowledge Task Team.

Program Highlights:

  • Professional development and networking connections with leaders at the World Trails Conference
  • Community Action Plans for Trails — each ambassador will develop and execute a localized plan for trail advocacy within their community 
  • A peer network for ongoing support within the cohort 
  • Supports a web of localized stewardship projects in local communities
  • Donations to support Ambassadors: Make a donation and note code WTA2022.

The focus on young people, leaders of our future, stems from the fact that they constitute almost a fifth of the global population and are the future custodians of the world’s biodiversity, its trails and trail systems.  The World Trails Network acknowledges that youth have been historically undervalued architects of change and culture. The Ambassador design process focuses on a community’s culture and needs so that they can gain tools to dismantle systemic oppression and create a future focused on trails with benefits and equity for all. 

About the World Trails Network

The World Trails Network brings enthusiasts and professionals together from around the world to foster global collaboration and networking for the betterment of the world’s trails.

Contact: Julie Judkins World Trails Network

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