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One-of-a-Kind Global Trails Event Brings Trail Enthusiasts & Experts Together at the World Trails Conference

  • When: September 25-30, 2022
  • Where: Skiathos, a lush Greek island in the Aegean Sea with over 100km of trails
  • Who: An inviting community of trail-enthusiasts, trail builders and professionals.
  • What: A uniquely global gathering connecting people and trails.
  • How: Register and learn more at

Skiathos, Greece – Trail representatives from 46 countries are convening the World Trails Conference in Skiathos, Greece to foster community and support the future of trails around the world. An initiative of the World Trails Network, the only worldwide representative non-profit association of trails, the conference takes an innovative approach and balances panels, discussions and special sessions with outdoor activities appealing to trail-lovers and professionals. Additionally, the grand finale to this exciting gathering is the premiere of the World Trails Film Festival 2022 on the final evening. 

“I’ve been to many conferences for trails but I always found it a little bit curious how people that believe in movement and being outdoors then spend three days in conference rooms under fluorescent light and in a climate-controlled setting,” says Zack Klien, a World Trails Network member. “It’s too quick and you can’t do the proper listening. I think the World Trail Conference programs and Trail Journeys are the perfect way to do the deeper listening and engagement we need to build community in support of trails.”

The Trail Journeys offered this September highlight the diversity and wealth of trail experiences available in Greece. Interested participants can join guided trips to the Cyclades, Crete, Skiathos, or ‘Paths of Peace’ in Florina, Western Macedonia. More details regarding each experience is available at

Another exceedingly popular and favourite component of the World Trails Conference are the lively ‘Trails of the World’ sessions. Trail representatives give fast-paced presentations introducing attendees to unique trail opportunities across the globe. Afterwards, attendees can follow up with representatives with all their questions or enquire about upcoming experiences. 

“Dozens of trails projects make incredible presentations, making it the perfect space to start planning your next adventure or trail getaway,” said Catherine Smart, World Trails Conference organizing Co-Chair. “Where else can you find one presentation about historic pathways in remote mountains in Iceland and then the next is the first public presentation about a brand new trail projects seeking their first thru-hikers?“

Attendees of the World Trails Conference will also have at their disposal over 60 beaches and 100 km of trails for hiking, biking, or horseback riding. It is also possible to snorkel along an underwater trail to get a glimpse of the sea life found at Skiathos. 


Note to Editor: About World Trails ConferenceThe World Trails Conference has previously been held in Korea, Japan, and Spain, with attendees to date from over 60 different countries. The 2012 conference resulted in the establishment of the World Trails Network. Today, the World Trails Network is an internationally representative body for all trail types with members spread across the world, it is a non-profit association based in Geneva, Switzerland, and it includes regional hubs in Asia, the Mediterranean and the Americas. Leading members include the Appalachian Trail, The Camino de Santiago, the Jeju Olle trail, and Great Himalayan Trails, to name only a few.


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